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This year I'll be one of the artists donating a piece to the CPSA silent auction at the 16th Annual International Exhibition in Seattle. Since "Cascade" will appear in the exhibition, I thought it would be fun to use one of the other poses from the session for the donated piece. There are size constraints on the auction pieces, so this is smaller than I usually work on Colourfix:

8" x 9" Prismacolor and Lyra colored pencil on brown Colourfix paper



18"W x 24"H Prismacolor colored pencil on brown Colorfix paper. Completed 2007.


Cascade was a follow up from Self Portrait #2, posed under the same overhead picture light. The title refers to the tumbling not only of the woman's hair, but of the play of light as shadows and highlights come in and out down the picture. The part of the piece that gets the most comments - the hair - was actually fairly easy to draw. The shirt was difficult - there's a vertical weave pattern which I struggled with. This picture is interesting in that it's a tight crop drawn at 27" tall - so in effect it's slightly larger than life.


Prismacolor colored pencil on brown Colorfix paper, 12" x 9". Completed 2006.


Interlude is the only picture in the Blue Series that wasn't done on blue paper - it was done on brown Colourfix. I drew this when Kiersten and I were still living in different cities, and could only see each other on the weekends. Interlude refers to that time between being together, when your thoughts are wandering to the other person, and the days left until you reunite.