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Somewhere, Out There

...beneath a pale blue sky.  Okay, I'll stop my Fievel song (Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram, anyone?), and get back to typing.  Colored Pencil Magazine posted a tip about how to use Google Images to locate your artwork on the web (go to Google, click on images, click on the camera icon, and upload one of your images.  It will show you all the websites with that image).  I've done text searches before which have ranged from interesting (my artwork was used for the Strokes of Genius 4 blurb on the Artist's Network site) to downright hysterical (like when my wife and I googled our last names and found her's was famous for The Wilhelm Scream, and mine always found this somewhat PG-13 music video).  So, of course, I was really curious what an image search would find. The image search was for "Opaline Dreams", and the first hit was this article on the Russian blog, Look at Me.  Google happily translated it into English, and it is actually quite a nice article on four artists.  One of the funny things is how Google Translate tackled the quote from my artist's statement, which went from English to Russian back to English again.  My original statement was:

The relationship between light and mood has always fascinated me. There’s an inherent drama to a high contrast figure bathed in sunlight, while a quiet, diffused interior has a lazy, colorful atmosphere which suggests what’s behind the scenes has a whole life of its own. I find what's behind the scenes and tucked into the shadows is far more interesting than what routinely gets the spotlight.

and Google's translation became:

I have always been interested in the relationship between light and mood. In sunny silnokontrastnoy figure is a drama, and a lazy atmosphere shaky night for the peace and quiet - a lifetime. Drags me that behind the scenes, what is hiding in the shadows

I'm kind of digging it in a poetic kind of way.

Next up was "Haven".  What was cool about "Haven" was not where the art was (which was only on my site); it was the image that got matched with it.  Here's Haven:

and here's the picture that Google matched with it, which comes from the blog of Karinne Ribeiro.  Neat!

Next up was "Hopes and Dreams", which, not surprisingly, found a whole bunch of pregnant women on the internet.  Last up was "Cascade".  Here's the actual Google result of images scattered across the internet which are visually similar to "Cascade":

It's all my stuff!  My stuff, it turns out, looks like my stuff.  My favorite photo in that bunch are the two jack-o-lanterns....which are also mine (well, the one on the left is, at least.  Kiersten gets credit for the one on the right.)  Apparently I use the same visual approach to pumpkin carving that I do to colored pencil drawing.  Which is the perfect segue way into the post I'll write this weekend (hmmm...can you guess what it will be?  I'll give you a hint: it will be visually similar to the group above).