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After visiting Janet Pantry's site, I noticed the artist blogroll was live - it had the most recent post of each blog along with a thumbnail.  This appears to be a standard widget in Blogger, but unfortunately in Wordpress it's somewhat hard to do.  After a bit of tinkering with plugins and code, I've updated the list on my site to follow suit (like all computer tasks, this was strangely harder than I expected).   I like that, instead of a static link list, it's a dynamic list of current content.  Hopefully it will generate some more clicks to the sites of the artists I've linked, and give them a bit more traffic.  Of course it's also nice for me to log on and see the latest from all of my favorite blogs at a glance. For those with Wordpress blogs interested in setting this up, I used the Advanced RSS plugin and created a custom template.  Once you install the plugin, just go to the settings page, click "Create New Template", then replace all of the code on the template page with mine.