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The Woes of the Web, Part 4

I've developed a Pavlonian twitch every time I see the alert on my blog "A new version of Wordpress is available, click here to upgrade", since every previous upgrade has resulted in a subsequent "Woes of the Web" post, usually after a week of banging my head against the keyboard in frustration as I tried to figure out where exactly all of my posts had gone, what a "fatal error in line 62" was, and how on earth to undo it all.

This upgrade required updating my web hosting account with Godaddy from PHP4 to PHP5, as well as the mySQL version of the Wordpress database.  The later part required backing up the current database, creating a new version, and restoring the data to the new version.  Surprisingly all of that went better than I expected.

Except you may have noticed that every sentence of all my posts now ends with a capital A with an accent mark.  Gah!  So if you're reading my posts wondering why I have a strange fondness for capital A's, it could be worse.  Ah, well.