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Referring Links and Analytics

Google Analytics is a must if you run a website, since it shows how many people are visiting your site, where from, and how they got there. One of the interesting exercises to do is to check up on how all those link exchanges or forums are doing for driving traffic to your site. For my site, I have listings on Artspan, Top of Blogs, Blog Catalog, Top Pencil Artist, Colored Pencil Central and the CPSA website. I occasionally post to the art forum Scribbletalk, and to Prismacolor's gallery forum, and also have a link to my website from my Facebook page. So how's all this stuff doing? Here's the current breakdown from most referring traffic to least:

  1. Toplisted Pencil Artists
  2. The Colored Pencil Society of America
  3. Scribbletalk
  4. Artspan
  5. Facebook

In spots 5-10 are other colored pencil artist's websites who link to mine, mixed in with search engines like Yahoo and Altavista. Coming in at 11 and 12 is Colored Pencil Central and Prismacolor's gallery.  Top of Blogs and Blog Catalog scored a whopping zero.  Something to noodle on if you're looking to drive traffic to your site.