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Wedding Dances

Just before our wedding, I bought a small digital camcorder. I waffled on it for a while - would we really use it that often? - but in the end thought it would be great to catch at least a few moments from our wedding on tape. I'm so glad we got it! Not only did we get the wedding dances on tape (I guess tape isn't really accurate anymore - but "SD flash drive" is a mouthful) - but Kiersten's uncle roved around doing interviews during the reception. Capturing everyone's words to us on our wedding day was really priceless. We knew from the start that our song would be "You and Me" by Lifehouse - we listened to it a lot when we first started dating. Since it turns out to be a fast waltz, we took a few months of lessons with Vince Brust Studios so we could actually waltz to it. Here's the video of our first dance together at our wedding reception:

Shawn and Kiersten's Wedding Dance


Near the end of the night, we snuck in an Argentine tango dance. We've been taking lessons off and on for a while through Let's Dance , and this is the dance we probably know the best. Argentine tango is a very close dance, with complex footwork. I can't imagine how Kiersten danced it wearing a wedding gown with a train, but she looked terrific! The song is "Santa Maria" from the movie "Shall We Dance?" - which turned out to be a 4+ minute song - but it was a ton of fun to dance to:

Shawn and Kiersten's Argentine Tango