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The Woes of the Web, Part 2

After some head scratching, my fears were confirmed as I realized my deleting frenzy during my Wordpress reinstall resulted in deleting a folder called 'wp-content'.  As the name might suggest, it contained the content of my site (doh!) particular it happened to contain an 'uploads' folder which was home to everything I've ever loaded onto my website.  So, in the true spirit of computers, the void which all of my images disappeared into was actually triggered by me unknowingly hitting the delete key.  It reminds me of the old "To err is human.  To really mess up requires a computer."

My website provider did agree to restore the missing files for me - for a starting price of $150.  Considering I could do most of this for free on my own - it would just take a couple days of uploading a gajillion files - I opted for the DIY option.  Tonight I spent about 3 hours putting all of the colored pencil images back.  Over the next few weeks I'll start replacing the photography, shows and events, and personal photos.  A few things are gone for good - not all images I have backups for - in particular some of the work in progress photos for older drawings like Pensive - but on the most part, bear with me and the photos will slowly rematerialize.

Before the crash, I was kicking around the idea of offline photo systems like Flickr.  They have the advantage of archiving all of your images elsewhere in the event your computer hardrive goes up in a small mushroom cloud, and you get delete happy with your Wordpress directory structure.  Something to consider a bit more.