Shawn Falchetti, CPSA


The Artwork of Shawn Falchetti

Our claims to fame

It all started with Saturday morning tv and a home improvement show host with a hyphenated last time. This led to a discussion about last names and their origins, and, eventually, a Google search on our own last names. I found out that there were other Falchetti artists (Guiseppi Falchetti, 1843 - 1918) and, strangely, pop singers (Giovanni Falchetti), and Kiersten found out that her name is famous, in movie sound editing circles, for The Wilhelm Scream. It turns out the Wilhelm Scream is a very distinctive scream which has appeared in movies since the 50's. It gets its name from the 1953 movie, The Charge at Feather River, in which a red-shirt character named Private Wilhelm gets taken out by an arrow, emitting a shrill scream which has since become a bit of a running gag in movie soundtracks. You've heard it - if you've seen any of the Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies, the editors at Skywalker Sound seemed to have an affinity for it, whether it's a stormtrooper tumbling off a balcony or a bunch of Indiana-Jones-chasing henchmen driving off a cliff.

We thought this was too funny, especially when we discovered there's a bit of a cult following to tracking the scream's usage in movies. Check out the YouTube links below: