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Beach Bums

Just returned from vacation with Kiersten at Sandals in the Bahamas. It turned out to be a great week to go, because while we were lounging in 80 degree weather, 10 inches of snow got dumped on our house back home - and completely melted by the time we returned. Sandals was a lot of fun - aside from the 2 big pools at the resort, there were some great beachs both at the resort and on their nearby private island. From the pier you could see the hotel Atlantis in the distance, and the steady arrival and departure of cruise ships. The resort's evening entertainment was a little lacking, but we enjoyed shooting some games of pool at the piano bar, or just a nice walk outside along the pier. Both of us got a little fried our first day, but overall we did pretty well from a sunburn standpoint, and I ended up with a nice tan to gloat about when I go back to work on Monday. We've been joking that we really got spoiled by the all-inclusive aspect of the resort - just walk into a restaurant, eat, and leave without a bill - and now that we're home we'll have to be careful not to bolt before the check comes img_0425 img_0320