Shawn Falchetti, CPSA


The Artwork of Shawn Falchetti

It's Hip to be Square

With a few days off for the holidays, I sharpened my pencils and began a new piece.  The cropping is a perfect square (20" x 20"), and I am working on my favorite paper, black Canson Mi-Teintes Touch with Caran d'ache Luminance pencils.  As usual, I started with my swatches: Swatches

then placed my selected colors into an empty tin to form my working palette:


The work is a follow-up to "Adrift", and uses the same blanket pattern, although a different lighting setup.  The blue satin nightgown (which was so much fun to draw) has been replaced with a purple floral lace top (which will be a challenge I'm looking forward to drawing).  I'm about 8 hours into the piece, working on blocking in the blanket details.  The blanket probably looks refined at this picture's resolution, but it is not - if you could zoom in you'd be able to see many areas have solid colors where stripes will need to be added, and other areas that have stripes need their values developed.  After the blanket background is complete roughed in, I'll move onto the skin tones.  In this piece, sunlight is directly falling on the figure's face, so the warm colors should be a nice juxtaposition with all of the cool blanket tones:

WIP Dec 22 2014