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Work in Progress - Milestone Reached

Completing a colored pencil drawing can be a bit like running a marathon, and this has been especially true for this one.  Today I hit a milestone, and in honor of it I have a perfect running clip:


One of my favorite parts of that clip is when Clark gets a bit winded and you can just see him realize this seemed much easier in his head, but he pushes past the thought and charges on.

So, here I am at my milestone on the largest and most complex drawing I've done.  The entire work is drawn now and at a fairly high level of refinement.  The next phase is my favorite: balancing color and values, which really adds life to the piece.  I find it fun because the framework is complete, and I can loosen up and more freely put pigment on paper.

A few things on the docket:

  1. Incorporating some blues into the skin tones.  Skin is very reflective and picks up local color.
  2. Incorporating some warms into the blues of the nightgown.  The gown is reflective and picks up the brightly lit skin.
  3. Refining the left arm and hand.  Values still need to be pushed a few steps, and mid tones developed.
  4. Refining the legs in shadow.
  5. Refining the wrinkles in the upper portion of the work.  I learned a lot about drawing the wrinkles as I progressed clockwise, and I'll apply what I learned to the earlier wrinkles.
  6. Refining the hair.  I love drawing hair, and there's always lots of color that can be added.

Here's the work in progress pic:

Work of Progress Jan 2
Work of Progress Jan 2