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Strokes of Genius 6

I'm excited to announce that "Cascade" has been accepted into North Light Books Strokes of Genius 6: Value | Lights & Darks. I really love the Strokes of Genius Books, which showcase artists of different drawing media, ranging from charcoal and graphite to ink and colored pencil. The complete list of accepted artists can be found at: Checking over the list, I see many of my fellow colored pencil artists, including Gloria Callahan (Harley’s Davidson), Deborah L. Friedman (A Zen Little Drawing), Tanja Gant (Waiting; Speak No Evil), Linda Lucas Hardy (Her Eyes So Blue; Repose), Elizabeth A Patterson (Tomato Bullseye), and Bill Shoemaker (Rosie’s World).


CASCADE | 27" x 18" (68.5cm x 46cm) Colored pencil on sanded pastel paper

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