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The Artwork of Shawn Falchetti

The Artist's Magazine

I just received my May 2013 issue of the Artist's Magazine.  Starting on page 48 is an article by Maureen Bloomfield, "Colored Pencil Comes of Age", which details the work of Joseph Crone (, John Smolko (, Arlene Steinberg (, and.....drum roll!  My article appears on page 56-57 and includes my works, "Bend", "Unfurled", "Cascade", and "Opaline Dreams".  It's very cool to see the article as a whole, because each of us has a very different approach and look: Joseph's black and white film noir works on acetate; John's energetic, expressive lines on Mi-Teintes; Arlene's colorful realism on Icarus board heated paper, and my speckled drawings on textured paper.  I'm friends with Arlene and John and admire their work, and I look forward to meeting Joseph at one of the CPSA conventions, so it's great company to be in for the article. Artists Magazine May Cover

It was interesting seeing the article go through its revisions from initial layout to final proof, since Maureen sent us updates at different stages for proof reading.  One of the challenges was preparing my digital images so they accurately translated into print.  The Artist's Magazine sends you a nice guide for this - what dpi and color space to save images, use of color guides such as Kodak Q13 in photos.  I followed it nicely for the main images, but didn't quite get it right for the progression of Opaline Dreams, so the final image is very dark. Oops! You can see the normal exposure on my portfolio page.