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Sue Obaza - Visions and Dreams

Today I stopped by Something Special in Kingston for Susan Obaza's artist's reception, "Visions and Dreams".  It was great to see Sue again - she's been one of my favorite colored pencil artists since I first saw her work at a CPSA DC115 show in 2003.  Her work has appeared in North Light Books Strokes of Genius 2, and she has a mastery for making the texture of Canson Mi-Teintes paper sing with colored pencil.  She also organized and led our local life drawing group, which Kiersten and I used to regularly attend. Sue's show, "Vision and Dreams" is very original and quite cool.  Each of her pieces is a mix of elements - colored pencil drawing on paper, fabric collage, stained glass and mirrors - each framed in ornate mirror frames.  Sue told me she is a hippie at heart, and was going for a hippie vibe.  Some of the pieces reminded me a bit of Tarot cards with their surreal figures and linear elements from the stained glass channels, while others were surreal landscapes.

Her show runs throughout the month at Something Special.  Be sure to check it out!