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Seattle Show Update

Kiersten and I spent last Wednesday through Sunday in Seattle, WA for the CPSA 16th Annual International Exhibition. The show was held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, and the workshops and awards banquet were at the Renaissance Hotel. It was terrific getting to see some of my favorite artists again, and all of the little get togethers - lunch with the Scribbletalk artists, drinks after the banquet in the Visions lounge (with its incredible view of Seattle from the 28th floor) - were tons of fun. During our free time we ventured down (literally - Seattle is very hilly!) to Pike's Market, with its wild mix of fresh produce, seafood, and flowers, then to the very first Starbucks, onwards to the all glass walled ultra-modern library, and finally to historic Pioneer Square. We even had some family in the area, and got to spend some time talking over a glass of wine and (of course) watching wedding videos. The mood of the show was very different from last year's in Bethesda. The convention center is a very large space, and I found that it spread out the artists quite a bit during the reception. There was a quiet, introspective feel to it because of this. The space looks like it will get quite a bit of traffic from the public, though, so I think there will be more potential for exposure. Below are a few pics from our days in Seattle: