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A Little Bit of Reframing

Recently I framed "The Red Room, Revisited" in preparation for the upcoming November group show at Marquis Art and Frame.  During my first attempt I juggled the frame and dropped it, gouging out a small chunk on the front side.  Some black paint patched that up, but I didn't want to send a damaged frame to the show, especially for a piece that was for sale, so I removed the artwork and made a new frame for it. The slightly dinged frame turned out to be the exact proportions of a piece I've been meaning to reframe for a while now: Lull.  I also have been on a roll with dark mats lately, and had some very dark blue-black mat that was looking for a home.   The frame was a bit bigger than the usual spacing I use for my piece, and this gave a nice buffer of mat around Lull that created a window effect.  Here's how it looks (it's sitting on some custom picture rails in my studio that Kiersten's father made for me):



Lull is interesting in that it's part of a collection of drawings spanning a few years that ends with Daydreams.  If you look at them together you'll notice the same clothes and left side lighting direction in each.  The three pieces are Curve (2007), Lull (2007), and Daydreams (2011):




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