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Behind the Scenes - Wrapped (Work in Progress)

I'd been wanting to do a draped nude for my next subject, and the idea of Wrapped came from a discussion of - I kid you not - toga parties. The fabric is white silk, and is transparent. Once I got the composition I wanted, I just stared at the paper, having no idea where to start. There were so many intricate folds and wrinkles! After my brain stopped shorting out, I figured the best thing was to start at the bottom and work my way up. I decided an underpainting was a must - the picture was simply too complex to try and juggle color and value at the same time. I liked the sandy, antique feeling of French Gray, and chose that as my color. A perk of French Gray is that pencils come in 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 90% flavors, so it's a little more like working with traditional graphite pencils (where the pencils come in different softness). Usually I just work the lights and darks in my underpaintings, but for this one I decided to thoroughly render all the mid-tones, especially since the French Gray will play a large part in the finished color of the white silk. Ten hours later, I think I've finished the underpainting, and I'm preparing to move on to the colors.

I've just updated this post with a quick digital photo of the colored work. Aside from a few tweaks, the drawing is done.

reduced wrapped